Shut up and be silent! The magic of silence

A common man will respond to the things said but a wise will understand beyond words. Today, the most critical problem we are facing is communication. We speak but merely understand. We have lost the feel, the value of words. It has become just a speaking tool for us.

We want to be heard but do not want to listen. We want to shout and play the blame game but do not want to accept. Our egos are playing much stronger role than our humbleness. Let’s put all this aside and think of the days when we were young. There was a magic in that childhood. Yes, despite of some hardships, we were happy.

All we valued was happiness; that warmth to be with each other. We communicated right from our hearts. We were inculcated with values of what to say and what not to.Now, as a grown up kids, we are distancing ourselves from all these values. We know what to say and what not to, then where is that critical analysis?

Isn’t it better that we keep some silence? Give everyone around us some space. Try to understand the silence that lies beyond words. “A seed grows with no sound but a tree falls with huge noise. Destruction has noise but creation is quiet. this is the power of silence. 

And how about constructive silence? Haven’t heard about it lately? Well, when we are able to establish our silence on a positive note to make people understand our message behind our silence is ‘constructive silence’. It encourages you to think about speaking only things that are useful. So basically, your thoughtful silence will avoid damaging and unpleasant words.

Obviously one needs to develop constructive silence by using strategies. Strategies like think, “Whatever I am saying is it nice?” If not, avoid those harsh words. Sometimes one does not need advice but someone to listen. Be that someone.

Observe how people speak and respond, you will be able to absorb more information. Don’t just speak because others are speaking. You want to make an impact, not just a noise. Feel free to come up with your own strategy.

Think before you speak.