Perceive lighthearted moments: let go the burden

Some people are completely under the burden of worries such that it is hard for them to come out. Few carry it on their shoulders which suggests let-it-be attitude, few people carry the burdens in their arms and are ready to dump it in the immediate next possibility which they get.

However, there are few people who take it with a smile and try to find opportunities in it. The message here is clearer, how you perceive things, situations or people that matters the most. It all depends on “you” and “your mindset”.

“One needs to possess the quality of being in the moment.”

To enjoy all the moments, to live a carefree healthy life, to progress as a positive human being and to make the thought process and ideas more clear and apt: it is necessary to embrace joy.

A personality trait of “Happy-go-lucky”, can help a lot in an individual’s personality development.

“Lightheartedness”, gives a rhythm to your song; A person becomes more focused on a positive attribute rather than carrying sorrow and plunging into depression! Life is too short for worries rather it is about small moments of joy- carry what is pleasant to you and your surroundings and dump what develops negativity into you. 

P.S. Smile a lot, Keep Open Thoughts and Worry Not!

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By Thinkpuff

Hey, I am Raksha Rakhecha, aka thinkpuff. People find me talented, pretty, and kind. I am a fashion designer by profession, a graphic designer by passion, and a writer by heart. I enjoy warm stories, nature, and a cup of tea. My driving force is social conscience and humanity. I believe in eliminating the customs while gradually progressing and creating a better society.

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