Flashbulb memories: moving down the memory lane

An insight of your emotions

Understanding flashbulb memories gives an insight into one’s emotional involvement if laid down in a specific and consistent way as a photograph. In addition, it provides a biased view of the event. Flashbulb memories are memories of those emotionally intense moments which break or make you. I am discussing it because the journey of moving in memory lane can help us to understand our dealing with it. The findings can suggest what influences the magnitude of physiological arousal based on the amygdala involvement based on episodic memory.

Recalling perceptual fragments or associations can help us to assess and measure them. We can rediscover the meaning of actual flashbulb memories by the image captured in our head through perceptual elements such as free recalls, frequency, vividness, eliciting factors, and the relationship between flashbulb memories and our calling. It will help us to describe the exact moment and at least one consistent perceptual element.

Studies observe that recalling heightened the perceptual image produced by a flashbulb. It explains the vividness, subjective confidence, and memory triggers due to fleeting images. The recollection can involve positive or negative emotions that can be either special or terrifying. For this reason, I think it is essential to talk about it. It will not only help us to recognize those emotions but also channel them.

I was talking to my cousin. She is a psychologist. She told me it is critical to accept all your emotions; without them, you are rejecting a part of yourself. I agreed because validating those emotions in your memories will let you know how to work on them and whether to keep them or its time to let them go.