How to be great at your hustle with 5 tips

“All along you were living to bloom, but in the midst, you forgot about the sunlight”

We are constantly moving forward towards a goal and in the mid-way, we forget why are we moving. We get lost and forget our purpose. I have experienced it. And I know, you have experienced it too. Tell me if I am wrong.

At least, now you know, we have this one thing in common. But do you know is what makes you, you? It is your hustle. Although, your hustle is different from mine, you aim to reach at the destination. And so do I. Before everything else, let’s understand what hustle is.

What is a hustle?

Theoretically, it means to push roughly but in reality, people refer it to say, “work hard”, “Keep moving”, “Keep trying”, “Keep pushing forward”. There is no one specific meaning but rather just synonyms.

One perfect example is the movie, “Eddie the Eagle”. It is a real-life biopic of Olympian and ski jumper Michael Edwards. His motto is simple, “Never stops trying”. And this hustle of his separated him from the rest.

Why hustle?

To reach somewhere we must start somewhere and this is what hustle is about. As said earlier, it separates you from the rest. My aim here is to help you with your hustle. Let’s start.

Remembering the hustle

  1. Close your eyes for a minute and try to remember what things give you joy. Rain, earthy smell, clouds, music, coffee, birds…come on do it, close your eyes. Picturing things in your head helps. Now you are filled with goodness.
  2. Ever since birth, you are asked what do you want to become. What do you want to be? This one question has made you to see possibilities. This made you aware of the different options available. Let me ask you again, what do you want to become.
  3. Remember when you did something that you love and took a stand for it? Yes, try to remember that. It is important because this thing made you do something. You take actions when you are empowered by it.
  4. You are moving towards becoming a possibility. You have a drive to reach a height. And for that, you chose a path.
  5. You are moving, running, walking, and walking and walking. This makes you wonder what are you doing? You look around and find yourself alone. You are filled with insecurities. Even taking a step becomes burdensome. This is a moment of pause.
  6. At one point, you are numb and that’s okay. Your brain is taking time to process. There is a shift that needs to take place.
  7. Nevertheless, you are filled with memories and inspirations. You have everything right in you. Read, write, dance, explore, do everything which fills positivity in you. Buckle up! You are ready to take a step now. You are ready for the challenge.
  8. You are now reminded of who you are. You know what you must do and what must be done differently. So, walking, walking, walking is now moving, running and hustling. Welcome back!

5 tips:

Watch this video below to know about the 5 tips:

On some days, there would be darkness and no hope,
The days would be rainy and winters would be cold,
And when you are left with nowhere to go,
Remember to gather strength and row.

Sweetheart, get up of your bed and work,
Work till things turn around,
And shine out loud,
Giving hope and strength, a cloud.

Trust me, trust the rush,
Chilling your body filling up the crust,
Be flexible and gear the flux,
For happiness is the crux.