Wednesday, July 29, 2020
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Thoughts and Lanterns

Thoughts are like floating Lanterns!

Just like a single lantern doesn’t make a difference, similarly a thought towards a particular would not render the purpose.

However, if many lanterns are launched towards the sky, it becomes worth watching. Similarly, if thoughts are streamlined towards the goal and placed collectively, it would make a huge difference and the end result would be beautiful just like a sky filled with lanterns.

So, the point is to note down your thoughts, because each thought would lead you towards a wonderful opportunity.

Hey, I am Raksha Rakhecha, aka thinkpuff. People find me talented, pretty, and kind. I am a fashion designer by profession, a graphic designer by passion, and a writer by heart. I enjoy warm stories, nature, and a cup of tea. My driving force is social conscience and humanity. I believe in eliminating the customs while gradually progressing and creating a better society.


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