5 sins of blogging, and how to avoid them?

When you start your blog, there will be thoughts and opinions. There will be fear and nervousness. Nevertheless, you should not stop. Avoid these sins and get started:

Sin #1 Thinking you are not a writer: Being a writer or not has nothing to do with your journey. Unless you start writing, you will not know what you can do. Write as you speak. Think of yourself like a friend- describing things, giving advice, or teaching how to do stuff. 

Sin #2 Thinking people will call you crazy: Blogging is not about sharing personal information but your ideas, experiences, and advice. Even if your friends and family read your blog and think you are weird- that’s okay. Just write. 

Sin #3 Thinking you’ll screw up: This is a common thought while thinking to write. People can and will get offended by something you say on a topic. Nevertheless, even the nice ones will have an opinion. This thing should not stop you from blogging. Write, write, and write. 

Sin #4 Thinking your ideas are unworthy: We all have crazy ideas. Let people decide if it’s crazy enough or not. Maybe what you think is crazy may become your best idea. Remember, every idea is worthy. Moreover, when you write, you will have lots of ideas, lots of crazy ones- note them down. First, finish writing on one idea and then move to another one. Don’t jump here and there; you’ll accomplish nothing. 

Sin #5 Thinking no one will read your blog: This can give you chills, and that’s okay. Blogging needs time. You won’t become famous overnight. Give yourself some time to build your community. The process is slow, but it will pay off!


  • You are a writer.
  • People need your experiences, learning, and advice.
  • Your ideas are required, even the crazy ones.
  • You are worthy.
  • People want to hear you.