Accepting the culture of addiction is the first step to deal with it

From my perspective, learning about the culture of addiction helps to understand many aspects of drugs. It is insightful for anyone in any career because it prepares them to deal with or understand the extent of addiction. It includes information on different drug types, their effect on the mind and body, supporting people struggling with addiction, prevention of drugs, and treatments. In a nutshell, it teaches how to prevent, stop, or get treatment for drug addiction. It would be handy to know when drug use becomes drug abuse. Education about prevention and intervention can reduce problems associated with drugs. For instance, it can reduce social, economic, justice, health, and productivity. Plus, we can overcome overdose deaths.

Every community perceives drugs differently. The awareness can take away drug-related fears and stigma. We can help people overcome physical and mental trauma associated with drug use (on individuals, families, and communities). I believe that learnings about the culture of addiction can impact our perception or stigma. I think criminalizing drug addicts can help them, but it worsens the situation. After learning about various drugs, this shift took place for me. We cannot make programs and policies without learning about prevention. It is a must for reducing and preventing drug addiction. Hence, it is a joint effort that will deal with drug addiction. Everyone must learn it responsibly.

I learned the following, and you can too:
1. Detect early warnings of addictions.
2. Understand potential implications and consequences.
3. Understand the effect of drugs on people.
4. Help others to cope with addiction and provide help when needed.