How do I deal with my fear within? 5 easy methods

It can make you uncomfortable and vulnerable. Think about your favorite superhero. Every story, every legend, every hero must overcome it. And that it is ‘the fear within.’ There are always two choices- fight or flight. I have felt it, know you have too.

What is fear?

How do you define fear? Is it a person? A feeling? Well, it can be anything or anyone that frightens you, threatens you, attacks you, or tries to harm you. For me, it is a family member. Do you know why? Because it encourages me to work harder and push my limits.


It has four friends- stress, anxiety, imagination, and creativity. These friends stay in control when you prepare and act upon them. Also, this control is required only to make you aware of the status of these friends. They are not a bad influence but rather serve as best friends to fear. How you choose to read them itself has a compounding effect.

And the best part of fear, it treats you and me equally. It forces us to leave our comfort zone, have an experience, and evolve. It has been with you and me since we were born, providing us a survival instinct. It always wanted to belong. And I have accepted it with my heart. But what about you? Are you friends with it yet?

Unlike you, it frightens, threatens, attacks, and tries to harm me. But it has an intention to provide freedom and confidence. Though it has a different way of doing things and often misunderstood for that, I never stopped loving it.  

It loves to play hide-and-seek. Often it seeks attention, and we can easily find it at that time. But when it hides, that’s where our problem begins. It can go undetected for days, weeks, and months. And when we finally find it, it is filled with an excessive amount of stress and anxiety. 

Now you see why I took control and accepted it as my family member? Want to know how I did that? Take a look.

The 5 easy methods

Inspotision: A nice mixture of inspiration, motivation, and passion can make you achieve everything. Your motto is to befriend fear for which we will need inspotision very well. 

Be mindful: As you know from above, it seeks attention. If you want it to be your friend, you must accept it first. It works on the principle of cause and effect. Fear, by its very nature, is protective of you. Your job is to search for strategies to overcome it.

Take the first action: Often, a trial and error method can help you find the right policy for you. Try to expose yourself more and more to what causes you phobia. The more you do it, the more tolerant you will become.

Resilience: Along the way, you will learn to manage it. With every exposure, you will become stronger. A turn, trigger, loss, and obstacle cannot stop you from achieving your goal.

Growth mindset: With every turn, trigger, loss, and limitation comes an opportunity to grow, adding an experience. And every experience is a result of your action. Finally, one day, you will befriend it and celebrate it as well.

Fear and I were a cheer,
I handled the steer,
And fear sat near.

Soon, it wanted the sphere,
It claimed to be charioteer,
And we slipped a gear.

Our bond is now shear,
Days are severe,
And I am in tears.

Forgiving the yesteryear,

Respecting the atmosphere,
I moved out with a leer.

Accepting that fear is dear,
All it wants is an ear,
We made grudges disappear.

Episode made friendship cohere,
Fear understood the mere,
Never have I gave it a steer.