Take a deep breath

We hear it many times ” TAKE A DEEP BREATH “.

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Just take a look at the picture, this is what they mean by taking a “DEEP BREATH “. The whale is one of the heaviest animals. There is a great message embedded in the picture. The grin on the whale’s face. The message of whale taking a deep breath. The whale floating on the top of water level suggests the light heartedness. Its like she is flying inside the water.

We face a lot of issues but they aren’t permanent. Its on us to perceive. If we perceive to find solutions it just becomes an event. However if we perceive it as something dreadful it disturbs us. We all have limited time. It is on us to make the best out of it.

Deep Breathing is not about INHALING INSIDE, but its about EXHALING OUTSIDE !!

Yes it means we need to let go the bad to let in the good. The basic phenomenon of taking a deep breath is cleansing the system. It helps in wiping off the anxiety. The eased mindset brings a glow on our face. It invokes the positive mindset and eases the thought process.

So here’s the thought for the day, Just TAKE A DEEP BREATH, and KEEP CALM !!

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