Chronicles of Beauty,the perception and out of the blue thinking

Beauty lies in the eyes. It’s not only the vision, but it’s the perception which defines the beauty. The definition of beauty differs from person to person. Everyone sees the world with their own perceptions. However, a true enthusiast always finds something special in what he/she sees.

For example, take the vision of a poet, to him a flower would be inspiration to be exclaimed through words. For a painter it may be an inspiration to sketch something wonderful. For a lover it may be a medium to express his emotions, for a photographer it may be a moment to be captured. So many people, the visual is same, but perception is different.

The painted canvas can beautifully express the concept of beauty embedded in one’s eyes. The better a person’s perception, the more beautiful the world becomes.

Perception is something which offers creative ideas. The most important thing is we need to “observe”. A keen observer always tends to find creative ideas.

“Great perception is always the result of great observation”.

It’s like an addiction for him. Creativity is something which fills him up with joy and zeal to go on. It may seem just an ordinary moment. Keen observation transforms an ordinary moment into extraordinary one.

The other aspect is thinking out of the blue. Sometimes unexpected, or instant thoughts yield much more than our expectations. The outcomes can be overwhelming. Blue is also a symbol of calm mindset. When we tend to stay calm, we can indulge into great brainstorming process. We can generate wonderful ideas.

Now let’s learn the crush of this article. First thing is to train our perspective. Always remember beauty is in the eyes of beholder. Second thing is keen observation. The person with good observation can foresee things which normally people miss out. And the third thing is developing the out of blue thinking.

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