36 reasons why you should use instagram for business


Today, we are in an era of digital marketing and engagement.  Various channels are providing a whole new shape to branding for a business. On the part of social media, this engagement is becoming really important. Instagram for business has become the synonym for young network. If you’re a visual story teller then yes, Instagram for business, is probably the best channel which would help you.

Here are the few tips to keep in mind for a successful usage of Instagram for business purpose:

  1. The use of hashtags:

A hashtag is a word or phrase highlighting specific topic. The use of most popular hashtags provides visibility to your business. Its one of the prime reason why you should use instagram for business.

  1. Clear and creative concept:

One must be clear about what is to be done. One should know how concepts should be presented. Presentation is what makes the business look attractive to the target audience. There should be a well thought goal. Instagram for business purpose helps you to communicate your concepts to the audience.

  1. Celebrate your brand

A brand is the celebration of your existence. Showing off and engaging customers in your success is really a good idea. Using Instagram for business can really help you to celebrate the worthiness of your brand. It helps in building a brand image.

  1. Focus on well-crafted ads:

Instagram offers to exhibit your ads. How well one can sum up its business in seconds is a challenging role. however ultimately increase your presence in the world of instagram. if you plan to use Instagram for business then, you cannot miss on instagram ads.

  1. Associate fun images with business:

People are often interested in knowing the fun and gossips associated with the business. This brings a lot of attention to your audience on instagram. It also creates a distinctive image in their minds about your instagram business profile.

  1. Know how to use:

Knowing what to use and how to use the tools of Instagram is important. Without basics, the idea is vague. So knowing the use of various tools of Instagram is the need of the hour. using the correct tools on instagram for business promotion is the top most priority

instagram for business

  1. Link accounts:

Instagram offers you to link accounts of other social media like facebook. Thus, this will increase the number of followers and people will come to know about you. Another reason why you can use instagram for businesss is that your instagram profile allows you to add a link to your website, which can drive traffic to your website.

  1. Follow your followers back:

If someone follows your account that means that person is interested and will expect that you too take interest. Using instragram for business, it becomes important to follow the followers as this gives a sense of belonging to them.

  1. Flexible Posting plan:

It should be noted that businesses should not post ambiguously. When using instagram for business purposes there should a well-defined posting plan. It helps to keep your visitor hooked and increase your visibility.

  1. Use trends:

Use  of hashtags and the latest trends and news is highly prevalent on instagram. When you are using instagram for business, you must associate these trends with your brand to attract more audience.

  1. Reward followers:

Rewards are positive reinforcement which helps to create brand loyalty. By using instagram for business you can rewards your loyal customers. You can offer them dicounted merchandise, freebies and so on. It helps to create your brand viral.

  1. Engagement games:

All that the business need is the active participation. For this one can create games. For example, puzzles or quizzes. Using Instagram for business you can interact with your consumers using this indirect channel.

  1. Employees’ photos:

Uploading your employees’ photo builds trust in your workforce. They feel like being part of your business. Thus using instagram for business helps in creating credibility among the employees too.

  1. Add captions:

Using instagram for business is a great way to capture the attention of your audience. Adding a short story or description or quote reflects your thoughts which can touch your customers’ heart.

  1. Tagging:

Tagging a photo helps to increase followers. Tags also provide an opportunity to know more people. When using instagram for business, these tags helps you to reach people directly without getting involved by means of people who created the tags.

instagram for business

  1. Geotagging:

Adding a location to your photo helps to enhance search. People will be able to search for your business location easily. Instagram for business helps you to reach and target your audience on the basis of location, thus improving your visibility.

  1. Behind the scenes:

What happens inside the business, how things are made, what efforts are made to make that thing, basically, how everything works engages people with the business. using instagram for business you can converse with your audience. You can provide them sneak peak into your work culture and create a sense of loyalty and belongingness.

  1. Widen your exposure:

Look-up for yourself and the businesses related to you on Instagram. Instagram for business widens your exposure and helps to understand your audience better.

instagram exposure

  1. Story with video:

Using instagram for business you can communicate a story with the help of video. It helps in people to associate with your business and try to know about your business and brand.

  1. Track your performance:

You need to see how well you are performing and what is the response towards meeting your goals. Using instagram for business helps you in identifying the key metrices related to your social presence and your conversion goals.

  1. Instagram analytics:

Analyse how well you are doing on Instagram and set up next goals to be achieved on the basis of that.

  1. Content strategy:

Choosing how often to post, what time of day to post and how much to post is important. You should focus on the core only.

  1. Username and bio:

Using instagram for business you get a chance to make your profile go public. it helps your customers to know more about you and create a positive image. Username should be simple and easy to remember. The bio is the explanation of your business. Just like resume, the more interesting it is, the better it will be for your brand.

  1. Notifications

Notifications keep you aware about your followers, tags, mentions, etc. You can turn it on/off anytime whenever you need.

  1. Search and explore

Search and explore for popular hashtags, similar business, different strategies used by different companies, etc. It will help you to keep up with latest trends and com up with great new strategies.

instagram for business

  1. Mentioning:

When using instagram for business, you can increase audience interactions by using its mention feature. Mentioning a person makes it easy to communicate and increases users’ attention.

  1. Follow 80/20 strategy:

This means that the business should focus on 80% on the product part and 20% of the non-related business part. The 80% of the content which you post on instagram should be related to your product. The rest 20 % should be towards indirect associations towards your product.

  1. Feature your customer:

If customer is really benefiting you, then as a reward you should feature your customer or share something to appreciate. Using instagram for business helps you to take care of your awesome customers. It helps your to thank them in a socially generous way.

  1. Commenting:

When using instagram for business, you must use the commenting feature. Commenting shows that you’re paying attention to your audience. In this way it attracts your audience to ask and know about the business.

  1. Direct messaging:

This tool helps to build a personal relationship with your customer.

  1. Profile Picture:

The profile picture should be simple and must represent you. Mostly logo is used as a profile picture so that the audience can easily assess your profile.

  1. Photo uploads:

Photos must be clear with filter or no filter. Instagram allows photo collages also. Thus it helps you in increasing your visual appeal.

  1. Photo Contest:

When using instagram for business you must use the contests. Photo contest is quite popular on Instagram. People are asked to upload their photo with the help of hashtag, in this way the best photo is selected, and rewards are given.

instagram for business

  1. Only Instagram offers:

These type of offers are specially for Instagram users only. It encourages promotion of your business. It also helps to get the much needed publicity, because it increases the sharing among the consumers.

  1. User friendly:

It is easy to use and understand. Thus, more people can use and understand it easily. As the user experience is wonderful it works as a charm to emotional quotient of your consumers.

  1. Activity:

With the help of activity from people you follow, you can always get to know what they like and design strategies accordingly.

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Thus these are the few reasons why you should use instagram for business. If you have any suggestions or ideas related to using instagram for business do let us know by commenting here. P.S do now forget to share the post. Help us to help you. Take care.