Believe in yourself: the power of self-belief with 5 great strategies

Once in a while, we hear the phrase “believe in yourself”, but what is this belief? And why do people keep on saying that? Isn’t it exhausting to listen to the same phrase again and again from people. 

Have you heard of an Indian folklore “One grain of rice”?  Why do I want you to know this story specifically? And how is this story related to belief? It is a popular story related to the exponential growth.

Belief is like a grain of rice. It adds up each day bringing more power to the next day. Further, we accept it; either consciously or unconsciously. The stimuli which adds up is just like a grain of rice and ultimately forms a behavior.

Belief is a massive thing. If you believe you can do something, you’ll end up doing something that is worthy. Here is the thing: You believe in something and you are willing to put in some efforts. With all this efforts, you will receive small positive results.

As a result, you will build your confidence and a stronger belief. Now, you see more potential and take some more actions and continue to build more success. This is the power of believing.

Tony Robbin’s success cycle

A certain belief forms a set of actions in your mind which helps you to achieve what you want. Therefore, to achieve what you want, you have to build your belief in yourself. And you can do that by these strategies:

1. Radiate Positivity :

Surround yourself with good thoughts and people. Like sun radiates a gentle sunshine, you should radiate good thoughts. Express your gratitude towards people and things. So, as you create positive vibes, this energy will find a way to come back to you.

2. Trust yourself:

This is the most important thing to do. Everything you need is already within you: energy, confidence, power, courage and strength. Therefore, keep up and take a leap of faith on yourself. You can achieve whatever you want.

3. Take initiative:

Walk up the small steps- set goals and achieve them. This gives you the feeling of accomplishment and builds up your confidence and trust. Thus, the key to making things happens by taking an initiative to make it happen.

4. Don’t be afraid:

Fear stands for False Evidence that Appears Real. Furthermore, it is something that is created by us and what we have created can also be destroyed by us. So what are you afraid of?

5. Keep moving forward:

Keep up the good work and move forward eventually you will reach the destination. Above all, opportunities are hidden everywhere, you just need to identify them.

Finally, you’re the only person that can truly believe in yourself, even when nobody else does.