Passion for action: A child with a flute

Looking at the cover picture, we can draw a very beautiful message. The child is playing the flute which shows his passion towards music; towards learning something new. Expressing his emotions through his tune. It is making him relaxed.
He isn’t inclined towards “SOCIAL SHOW-OFF” but in fact he is concerned with developing his own skill and art.

Similarly the other boy, shows the attribute of enjoying the present moment.
However, the most important message symbolized in this picture is about “YOUNG AGE”.
As one can understand, that the best time to start, develop and to learn is CHILDHOOD, so it is the duty of the parents to cultivate at least one positive hobby in their children, to shape up for the betterment of their children. It is necessary to plan a child’s future, from their childhood by keeping in mind a child’s interest.
Now-a-days, parents spend a lot of money on primary education, they pamper their child a lot. However, many a times they fail to analyse the actual actions that are needed to be taken. They also fail to understand what a child really wants. They fail to teach their child the real worth.
It is necessary to promote the interest and appreciate the hobbies of a child, which indeed can build a ‘Brilliant Future’.
By going along with the big brand schools cannot help, we need an ‘all round development of a child’ and this can happen only when we tell our child that his hobbies are not mere hobby. It is a part of his personality. 

The other message that the picture reflects is that to possess a heart of a child; always be ready to learn, and have an endless passion. Because this passion will keep you alive!

P.S. Remember, “Passion keeps you in action.”