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The essence of validation: Prudence and common sense

There used to be times, when things were based of validation. Be it stamped documents, or pictorial witnesses, or handwritten proofs and so on. Everything was checked on the basis of available evidences. There used to be the sense of accuracy. There was preciseness in the jobs undertaken. Validation and evaluation aspect were the essence of the professionals.

People used to exhibit a Sense of Prudence. Before believing anything they used to check the correctness of the things. It is also known as the process called “validation”. The fact and figures were evaluated to justify their correctness. The professionals used to exhibit their wisdom. They used to rely on their skill to arrive at a conclusion. Due to which the auditors were feared in many organizations. They used to possess an eagle’s eye. Their reputation and respect was at utmost high degrees

However there is a huge satire in today’s world. People tend to believe what they hear or see. People fail to apply prudence and judge its correctness. The process of validation has been long foregone. There has been an environment of biased assumptions and disclaimers. The reputation and respect of the professionals have shivered a lot. Prudence and common sense seems to be very rare. And the application is even a rarer.

A true SCHOLAR is the one who believes NONE, but validates EVERYONE.

So be true to yourself. Evaluate and validate every aspect. Always remember there is no alternative to common sense and prudence.

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