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Opportunities and attributes of an entrepreneur in 5 powerful sentences

Simple yet powerful thoughts:

1) The areas of opportunities are vast like SEA. They are full of hidden treasures which one cannot imagine. The essence lies in exploring the sea of opportunities and grab the treasures. The treasures found by exploring the opportunities provides fruitful results.

2) An entrepreneur needs to SAIL(TO ACT) the seas. He must be ready act on opportunities. After identifying the areas of opportunities we must act as soon as possible to gain the valuable treasures. The faster we act, the more we tend to gain.

3) An entrepreneur needs to sail in his own boat(RESOURCES). The person must act within the constraint of his resources. One must analyse the available resources and act according to them. The most optimum use of the resources should be explored. The gain can be maximized only if the resources are used in an optimum way.

4) The FORTUNE tends to favor the brave. One needs to FOLLOW his HEART(Passion). The fruits of following one’s own passion are very remarkable. There’s never a fatigue in person pursuing his own passion. There always a sense of enthusiasm and zeal which pushes a person to achieve new heights.

5) One must act in a BOLD manner(Take Calculated RISKS). he must strive to be an ENTREPRENEUR (Freedom). The essence lies in pursuing one’s own passion with the available resources. The calculated risk approach helps to provide cushion in one’s own work. The rewards achieved are far more satisfying.

Have a Great time ahead ūüôā
Hey, I am Raksha Rakhecha, aka thinkpuff. People find me talented, pretty, and kind. I am a fashion designer by profession, a graphic designer by passion, and a writer by heart. I enjoy warm stories, nature, and a cup of tea. My driving force is social conscience and humanity. I believe in eliminating the customs while gradually progressing and creating a better society.


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