Take a foot backward and break through

Sometimes the problems which we face are very heavy. At times we lack the momentum to move forward. at that time all we need to do is take a foot backward, gather momentum, and move forward.

Sometimes when the needed momentum is not available, all we need to do is redesign and recreate our existing processes. Change is necessary. If we do not adapt to changing environment, our system is going to be outdated soon. It is necessary to constantly update and improvise ourselves.

We have heard stories of how people fall after reaching a certain height and then make a come back in full force. The same is true for us. We may have shortcomings and weaknesses. Once we figure them out by taking a foot backward, we can start working on it. Moving forward with the same can be a costly affair.

By catching up with our shortcomings and weaknesses, we can gain momentum and finally move forward. Remember, we will always be a work in progress. Do not hesitate if you need time to settle things. Because once it’s done there is no looking back, just forward.

#footbackward #recreate #redesign