sustainable development
sustainable development

Are you moving towards sustainable Development ?

Sustainable development has been the need of the hour. It is the development which takes into effect the needs of future generation. It is the way by which current resources are used in such a manner that future generation can enjoy its benefits too. However the resources available are very scarce. There is grave possibility that there will be scarcity of resources for the upcoming generations.

” Make Optimum Utilization of Resources i.e Go For Sustainable Development “

We cannot waste resources merely because we can AFFORD it. There are social repercussions of the same. The resources which are available to us in abundance MAYBE SCARCE somewhere. Its always in favor of mankind to preserve the excess resources. Its our responsibility to instill the attribute of conservation in current and upcoming generation. WASTAGE of RESOURCES implies SOCIAL COST. This social cost is borne by everyone. The excessive wastage creates an imbalance in the existing system which lead to failure of process cycles.

We need to come up with alternative solutions to move forward towards sustainable development. Entering into a BARTER(Exchange) system with the one in NEED for something ELSE can be a WIN-WIN situation for all. The day won’t be far away when the Barter which is considered as ancient now is again accepted as an prevalent system. Its very necessary to use only what we “NEED”. Need driven approach is far more better than want based approach.

Do share your ideas for sustainable development. Have a Great Time Ahead 🙂