Stop polluting, Start sustaining

The society calls it industrialization, we call it pollution !!

In the race to become the best, we are lagging behind on the environmental terms. The ongoing industrialization, the corporate culture have driven us into smoke and ashes. Many affected people have forgotten the feeling of fresh air. The joy to stare the clearer skies. The natural weather balance and so on.

The picture possesses some of the very good messages. We just need to think over it. Its our collective effort which would count. We have to take that step forward to make it possible.

#Stop Polluting   #Go Green  #Sustainable environment

Stop Polluting : Pollution kills the environment. It is the root cause of environmental imbalance. The best way is to recycle and shift towards renewable resources. There is an immediate need to move towards green sources.

Go Green : It time to enhance the greenery. Its the best possible way to restore the environmental imbalance. The greener it is , the healthier it will be. Go Plant a tree today.

Filter : We should strive to find sustainable and friendly alternatives. The focus should be on environment friendly resources. Its time to filter out the harsh methods and Opt for green Methods.

Stay awake, stay alive, because its the HIGH TIME now to ACT wisely and THINK for SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT !!