How to talk effectively?

I have met people from different places. And I believe you have too. Many times, I fail to talk to them and sometimes they fail to understand me. I try my best but sometimes we just don’t connect. Ever experienced that? I think that is why you are here, aren’t you?

It is normal and can happen to anyone. But that does not mean you should leave words unsaid, right? There are always multiple ways to present something. Thus, talking effectively. This is a skill which I have learned and you can learn it too.

What is talking effectively?

K = Know
L = Listen
A = Analyze
T = Tact

You know why this word is written from bottom to top? It is to remind you that:

“Before you deal with anyone, interpret. Before you interpret, pay attention. And before you pay attention, sense.”

The 5 tips

The starter

  1. Smile: no one likes unfriendly faces. Often, this thing is over-emphasized but just be natural. It is the first mile that you can travel.
  2. Pay attention to your words. They have a tendency to be good, bad, positive and negative. They can be either nectar or poison.
  3. Speak with confidence. Confidence is made up of two things- efficacy and esteem. To remember efficacy and esteem here is an equation:  
  • Efficacy= Skill+ Efficiency
  • Esteem= Belief+ Value