Conquer your fear of blogging by avoiding these 7 mistakes.

A beginners' guide to blogging

As a beginner, you will tempt to do everything- write on every idea, use every resource, and so. Understanding all these things can take time, but eventually, you will get it. There are other things that you should consider before it’s too late. Avoid these mistakes:

Mistake #1 Not spending time on promotion: You created your blog day and night, but what if you don’t promote what you write? How will people know about your blog? Apart from sharing your blog on social media, you can reach out to people through e-mail, advertising, or influencers. Spend time on promotion as much as you did on writing your content.

Mistake #2 Not using other media: Reading a block of information is daunting. Make things gripping with images, videos, GIFs, and so. It may be hard to get high-quality media, but you can rely on sites like CanvaPexelsUnsplash, and Freepik.

Mistake #3 Not proofreading and formatting: You must read and re-read your content to avoid mistakes. Your readers will skim information, so a well-formatted piece ensures it is worthy. It will increase people coming back to your blog to read more. Adjust your content for their reading. 

Mistake #4 Not adding a call to action: You always want your readers to connect with you. You want to benefit them by showing helpful and grasping content. Moreover, you want them to remember things by reiterating. It is possible if you provide them with a call to action. If you don’t show, how are people supposed to know what they need to do with your content? 

Mistake #5 Not adding contact and about-me information: When you write a blog, people will be curious to know you and why they should listen to you! If they like your blog, they will connect with you online and get insight. So, having insufficient page information is not recommended. Update your contact and about-me information.