Vitamin ‘You’

“Hold your head high, Feel the happiness within, Let your confidence reside in within. Remember, YOU ARE SPECIAL!”

“A calm character and in depth knowledge, is a wonderful combination.”

As the knowledge of a person increases, one’s character becomes more poised.

However the people who are proud of their knowledge, become blindfolded by their ego, which in turn takes away their reputation and goodwill, a huge price to be paid for possessing ego.

Looking at the moon, one can feel the calmness and serenity of it. Looking at the sea, one can experience the depth of it, as the deep waters are the calmest!

Learn To be calm as moon, and shine in darkness, Learn to be poised as sea, when the dept of your knowledge increases.

Knowledge, and a positive attitude, fills our personality with confidence, and that confidence helps us to keep our self esteem high (Head high).

Once we learn to feel happiness within, we can attain a calm and very mature body language.

Just take a look at the cover picture, it portrays various attributes of calmness, confidence, positive mental attitude of the person.

“Self realization and meditation is important to improve our thought process and maintain calm attitude towards life.”

We should always take some time, to explore deep withing ourselves, to know our hidden strengths and work on our weaknesses to make them good.

A intuitive SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) is necessary, to know one’s actual potential.

We should take some time alone apart from all other things, to realise, focus and channelize our positive vibes to enhance our own personality.

Therefore, vitamin “you” can be achieved by a constant practice.