Respect the space of people around you

Message for the Day is “Respect the SPACE of people around YOU”.

#Give Space  #Respect Space

Simple rule for connecting with someone’s space is : Invade only to dissolve, Offer space to Resolve.

SPACE here implies the FREEDOM aspect. Just take a look at the picture, what would happen if you were given such kind of bed to sleep. Either you will fall off the bed or You will be highly uncomfortable.

Similar is the case with a person’s SPACE, be it PHYSICAL or EMOTIONAL. We Often invade people’s physical or emotional freedom knowingly or unknowingly. It in turn develops RESISTANCE or DISHARMONY. It generates the unwanted grunt. It leads to the ignition of rebellious attitude. Everyone is the master of his own will. No one likes to be dominated. No one likes to be watched on forever.

So the message here is to OFFER SPACE to People. It is very necessary for promoting interpersonal harmony. Personal freedom is something which every heart craves for. Everyone wants to fly. Everyone wants to shine. Everyone deserves that spotlight. Its our responsibility to set the people around us free. Their will should be free. It should be free from interference. Their personal AURA should be untouched. It should be felt by them first. It should be accessible only to people they desire.

So Act now. Let your near ones be FREE. Let them identify their AURA. Connect with care. Have a great time ahead..!!

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