Raise your Voice to Stop Child violence

A very BOLD and CLEAR message from the picture..!!

THINK before using a ROD on a child. ANGER stays for a moment, its consequences may last forever. Stop Child violence !!

Instead of taking barbarian approach TRY being GENTLE. Try being a person of CONVINCING Nature.Rather than merely saying NO, explain them “WHY YOU SAID NO”.

#Stop Child Violence  #Positive Parenting   #Say No to child Violence

There have been a lot of cases where parents fail to convince their child. They fail to tackle them. They fail to manage their anger. They fail to control their own emotions. At times these failures leads to something which is unacceptable. There have been many cases where child violence has led to repairable damages.

Words once spoken and Limbs once broken can be repaired 100 % to its previous state. So its on the elders to be thoughtful. Its on them to generate the ways to convince. As is rightly said ” To spare the Rod is to Spare the child “. 

Its always advisable to lead by example. It is better to give examples and explain. The most effective way is the way of love and concern. It takes more than just parenting to build a gentleman of future. It takes Positive parenting.

The best way to tackle a child is to Tell Stories.

Always remember focus on positive parenting. Be the change you want to see in the children. Guide the little ones around you and contribute to the noble society.
Have a Great Time Ahead..!!

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