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Is phone call more important than your life ?

# Drive Safe #Say no to Phone while driving #Be Responsible while driving

No phone call is MORE IMPORTANT than ANYONE’s LIFE !!

There have been large number of accidents. Many accidents are caused due to a common mistake. Using a cellphone while driving is one of the most common mistakes. Only an idiot can risk his or her own life for just a cellphone glance. And even if one chooses to risk one’s own life, he/she has no right to risk other’s life. Always ask yourself a question, is phone call more important than your life ?

Peeking at a facebook wallpost, texting, calling someone, clicking picture and so on. These all are sort of crimes which many individuals commit in their day’to-day life while driving. The consequences of these are very high and many times they result into loss of someone’s life, or loss of limbs.

Its not a video game where you can get the life restored. You can’t even reset it. Don’t be an animal, be human. Be responsible, drive safely. Always remember no phone call is important than anyone’s life.

DRIVE SAFELY, BE RESPONSIBLE. Have a great time ahead 🙂

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