Why to use Twitter for business?


Is twitter part of your digital engagement? Don’t you think you should include twitter to promote your business?

Twitter for business is the best way to answer your questions. This micro blogging social site tweets a specific message up to 140 words. This means that you are talking to the point. Here are the 21 reasons why you should use twitter for business:

1. Robust Targeting:

Twitter for business allows connecting to a niche group or connecting people from around the globe. There are variety of targeting option available on twitter for business. For instance, language targeting, behavior targeting, gender targeting, device targeting and so on. The best practice is to test these different targeting options and select the one which serves your business purpose.

2. Twitter hashtags:

Hashtag is the best way to engage people. You need to put the common and catchy hashtag with your tweet. Twitter allows people to search for specific hashtag. Therefore, twitter for business best practice is to use a popular hashtag.

3. Resources and guide:

Twitter for business allows you to use and access resources and how to use guide for twitter. These resources and guide provides you all the information from twitter account to how to use tools of twitter for business.

4. Twitter Ads:

Promote your presence on twitter with the help of twitter ads. Twitter for business ads helps you to target your potential customers, encourage your influencers and getting billed for only what you want i.e. when your objective is achieved.

5.  Advanced search:

Find the relevant keywords or influencers or potential customers and so on with the help of this tool. Twitter for business can be used to locate specific popular keywords- things and/or people with the help of advanced search.

6. Twitter blog:

Twitter for business official blog will help you to learn everything you need to know. You can know about business, success stories, updates on news on this blog.

 7. Connect, Engage, Activate:

To get started, you can mention few identified individuals who takes interest in your business and build a connection. Follow them and like few of their posts. This will start an interaction between you and your potential customer. After that you can offer a sales product or experience to that person on twitter for business.

8. Campaign:

With the help of twitter for business create an objective-based campaign. This will help you to achieve results by reaching to the right people. There is a variety of campaign types which you would like to choose from.

9. Quick promote:

This twitter for business tool is useful when you want to quickly promote your top tweet in front of wider audience base. This is useful when the people engagement of that tweet is high or you’re at an event and you want to engage with like-minded people.

10. Twitter Analytics:

Twitter analytics provides you the insight for twitter for business. With the help of this tool you can know about your tweet activity, people engagement, audience insights- their interest, income, occupation, buying pattern, etc. Every photo, video, word and follower impacts.

 11. Conversion tracking:

Twitter for business allows you to track your audience. You can know about what happens when people see your ads. Whether they retweet, like, click or simply see the tweet can be known.

12. Twitter official partner program:

Twitter for business has official partners who can help you in terms of marketing your products or services. Take up this official collaboration to gain expertise by outsourcing.

13. Business profile:

First impression is your last impression. Having an attractive business profile is need of the day. Let your customers know about you. Make them aware about you. Use recognized profile picture and don’t forget to write about yourself in the bio in your twitter for business profile.

14. Twitter Lists:

Twitter allows you to create conversations lists. This is useful when you have number of followers. To manage and keep a track of their tweets you can make this list and use twitter for business.

15. Tweets:

Think of the questions by your customers asked during the week and make a list of them. Tweets related to questions asked by your customers frequently is a good idea. Include infographics, video and links in your tweet to make them understand better.

16. Insider’s sight:

Adding value to your customer’s by tweeting what’s happening behind the scenes bring a great engagement. This type of tweets interests your potential customers and creates value for them in terms of knowing your business in a better way.

 17. Daily twitter deals:

Encourage your customers to follow you on twitter to gain special deals. This will not only increase your followers but it will help you to gain your social presence.

18. Activities:

Tweet about your running or upcoming events, seminars, exhibitions and so on with twitter for business. Attach link, video or photos before and after the activity to keep people talking about you.

19. Quality over quantity:

Using twitter for business promotes quality over quantity. Using the relevant keywords in your tweets makes your tweet more attractive and searchable.

20. Retweet:

Re-tweets are by the third party. Basically a word of mouth, recommendation, update or news on the tweet. Re-tweeting is like sharing the post. Twitter for business re-tweets are good for your brand image. You should also re-tweet to add value to your audience.

21. Add polls:

Taking opinions from people by poll allows people to tweet. This encourages active participation from people for twitter for business. Take polls related to products/services to know what your audience thinks about it.

“Learn basics before digging deep into

Twitter for business”