Speak soft and sweet to reduce the amount of heat


Words once spoken can never be taken back

#Speak softly  #Be Polite  #Think and Speak

Sometimes we do not realize the impact of the words which we use. The words have power to make or break in moments. Its very necessary to watch them before we let them out. Sometimes there is SO MUCH FIRE in those WORDS, that we can fly a HOT AIR BALLOON with it, to be sarcastic.

However the picture aptly describes the situation. People go on bombarding others with their words. Some people even feel high after FIRING those words on others. They feel proud, as if they have done something great. But in fact they become ALONE, with the atmosphere of THUNDERSTORM around themselves. They don’t even realize that those hot words burn their own image to ashes. There nothing more sharper then the sword of words. Its always wise to think before we speak. A thought given into words before speaking can turn lot of tables. It can give us that much required edge over others. And there’s no harm if a second of thought, can help us maintain good relations.

Nevertheless when the amount of fire or heat increases, it may BURN the balloon itself, which can lead to a GREAT FALL. Too much of HARSH WORDS tends to become a roadblock to your success. The best way to deal with situations is to be calm and soft. Speaking soft and humble words can even build the Rome in a day. The joy of sweet words is far more pompous than grand celebrations. Human beings are social animals. All they seek is love and affection.

So thought for the day is ” SPEAK SOFT and SWEET to reduce the amount of HEAT” 



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