Quit Smoking

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A single cigarette is equivalent to a GUN. The only difference is that its bullet(SMOKE) is SLOW in its WORK. However, it does the same work i.e “POISONING YOUR BLOOD”. Smoking causes various fatal diseases. It also leads to various disabilities. Even the cigarette packets mention the fact of it being harmful.

Smoking not only harms the person directly involved. But it also causes damage to the people nearby. It has repercussion on the health of people who inhale smoke. In fact smoking is also prohibited at various places by law. Steps should be taken to discourage the people who smoke. The companies manufacturing such health degeneration products must be penalised. There should be very strict provisions regarding the consumption of such articles.

And even if such things aren’t prohibited the government can design SMOKING CELLS. The people who are addicted of smoking can go there and burn their life. It would ensure that the side-effects of smoking habits of few people don’t affect the health of other people.

Its always said that precaution is better than cure. And useless habits like smoking can also be given up with the help of rehabilitation centres. The addicted people, who are willing to save their own life and make a positive change can always visit them.