Freedom is birth right, but people are slave of emotions

Freedom is the birth right of every living being. There is always a constant endeavour going on amongst the living beings for freedom. Even the laws speak about freedom. It is the basic pillar of justice and equity. We all desire freedom in different ways. Be it freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of identity, freedom of expression and so on.

However, the biggest freedom is freedom of self-belief. its about believing ourselves. its about letting our will flow. To convert our passion into something concrete. To purge dis-beliefs and enlighten ourselves with self-confidence. It is all about letting the thought process flow freely. We should focus our thought process in a constructive direction.

Thoughts are symbolised by the birds in the above picture. There is no limit to them as freedom is provided by the open sky. This picture portrays a wonderful message of letting the thoughts flow freely without limiting then to a particular space. Freedom of thought process can yield great outcomes.

freedom of sky

Sometimes it just happens that we are sheltered with a clouds of ignorance. It feels like we are just stuck and lack freedom of thoughts. Although we possess all the resources yet we are unable to make complete use of it. This is something which causes frustration and lack of confidence.

Another powerful message embedded in the above picture is the sarcasm about poor. Rather we can say the mindset of a constrained person. The person who becomes slave of his own emotions. The person who has vast opportunities available just like the open sky, yet who is strangled in the ropes of ignorance. The best thing for him is to break free. Leave the worries behind and let the thoughts flow freely.

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Let’s learn the crush of this article here. The biggest freedom is freedom of self-belief.  The second thing is to look around and make best use of resources. The message is to break free and enjoy the vibes of freedom.

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