Change: The ultimate personality game +12 tips

What if I say a small drop of ink can make a million think? What if I say that an idea of small change can lead to a big movement? And what change can be brought by making a small thing better?

Small changes in your personality and woo-hoo! Your self-branding goes up-up-up! Check out these self-branding tips.

  1. Break your silence.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even if it sounds ‘dumb’.  Try to interpret and critically analyze the answer to your question. This will help you to challenge convention. You will eventually view yourself differently creating a whoop.

  1. Building a ‘lighthouse Identity’

A lighthouse stands in light as well as darkness. It gives you guidance. Establish your own values. Determine your values by looking into your life events. Record and then prioritize them. Your values are tied to your identity. Communicate about yourself who and why you are.

  1. Re-evaluate

When a rocket launches, it uses its half fuel in the first mile to restrict earth’s gravitational pull. Similarly you may need to polarize people to review you as an individual.

  1. Practice thought leadership

Break up the usuality about yourself in terms of what you say, where you say and how far you can go. You know your success scoop. You just need to explore it more.

  1. Sacrifice

We believe that holding things makes us strong. But that’s not true. Sometimes, it’s about letting go. When you let go things, other bigger things can come into your way. You can focus on your goal, growth and overall development. And recognize that less can be more.

  1. Commit and meet

Although you have fewer things to do, make it ‘big’ when you do them. It is your niche strategy.

7. Advertise yourself

You did something good differently then make it count. This can get you a scoop in people talking. Beware of over-advertisement.

  1. Be idea centered

Write about your ideas in your journal. These ideas may not be useful today but they may prove to be helpful in future. Do not worry about how stupid your idea may seem. Just scoop it down.

  1. Praise yourself

You did something good? Praise yourself. Tap your back for every single good thing you did. You should you do this? Because it will make your inner self happy and when you are happy it can be reflected in your confidence. Others will get inspired and your brand value will be enhanced.

  1. Establish enduring relationships

Rather than technology; relevance, simplicity and humanity distinguish you from others. Try to focus on your off-screen relationship more than your on-screen relationships. These relationships are long-lasting.

  1. Know your self-worth

Self-branding is the branding of one’s name. Shouldn’t we proud of what we are and who we are? Obviously, we should be. Most of the time, people underestimate themselves. Your branding depends how confidently you carry your name. 

  1. SWOT Analysis

The one who is aware of his strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats can keep oneself prepared. This analysis will help you to polish your skills and overcome your weaknesses. It will create opportunities and keep you prepared for the worst outcome.

Share your praises when you’re in a team! When someone does something for you, be courteous enough to thank them.