Child labour and sure fire ways to counter effects of child labor

One of the most alarming situation in today’s society is child labor. The tender age in which a child should have books, toys and flowers in hands are forced to serve some money minded people. The primary reason for child labor is lack of education among the people of poor class of the society. The children are considered as additional source of earning income. They don’t consider them as valuable treasure and future civilized citizens.

Many people tend to talk about this issue but very few support it. The basic infrastructure needed to stop child labor is everywhere. But it is hardly utilised. We can Promote education through Each one teach one methods. Weekend teachings, social workers support, public- private partnerships, corporates and NGO Partnerships, social entrepreneurships etc. are few ways to improve the social conditions.

Even if the public places are allowed rent free for non business hours, many NGO’s and social workers are ready to educate the young assets.

There is not lack of resources. However there is lack of MOBILITY of Resources.

So Join now, spread the message. Let start it today and Help build a beautiful society. ABOLISH CHILD LABOR !!

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Now moving forward lets consider some more inputs about child labor :-

stop child labor

Single day charities do not make much of a difference to the problem of child labor. To solve the problem of child labor in real sense we require sustainable development. The ideas and the initiatives should be one which can be carried on by generations.

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Educating the society and promoting awareness are the best possible solutions to stop child labor. The cost of primary education in developing countries is very less. This low cost of education can be leveraged to enhance skill development. We spend a lot on movies or weekend dinners. Even if we forgive one such event, we can contribute the money saved towards a Needy child. It can be considered as a contribution to counter the problem of child labor.

Adopting a child for education. Training them to learn something useful. Promoting skills development. These things would help to curb the prevalent defect of child labor. It would also create a very strong foundation for future human capital.