You can’t afford to miss this technique while preparing for exams

There has been a lot of do’s and don’t when your exams are near. Everyone keeps on hammering you. The only word which you hear all around 24×7 from everyone is STUDY, STUDY , STUDY !! It becomes like a ghost for you. You become an alien for you sport buddies. Watching you friends play your favorite game and you’re stuck with books. These situations aren’t the one which you desired. You now kind of hate the books. You just want to go out and play. You just want to have fun. Studies are boring, aren’t they ?

Well if you feel so my dear friend you’re on the wrong track

We have been listening from the great gurus of motivation. Do what you heart says. Follow you passion. Focus on the things which you Love and so on. And suddenly during the exam days the people around you become much more knowledgeable then those gurus. They tend to say that only thing important is to study. You’re left with the confusion of doing what you love or doing what others say you to do. Lets just admit that we all have been in such a situation. The question which keeps on bouncing is what is the way out ? How do I have Fun with my studies ? How Do I Stop them from study bombs ?

Just close your eyes and take a deep breath. Open you eyes wide and just speak to yourself for a moment.

However, doing this little exercise helps you relax a little. All you need to do is, just follow these simple steps while preparing for exams and You’re great to go.

1) Make an Action Plan – Just divide your lengthy syllabus in small tit-bits.

2) Mix it with your Hobbies – Time your studies with your hobby breaks. Take breaks for few moments and do what you like.

3) The 48 Minutes Circle – A Research says that human mind can’t focus on one thing continuously for more than 48 minutes. So pause a moment or two. Go get a coffee, or listen to you favourite music. BUT do it for few moments only.

4) Be Religious – I’m not preaching you to Go to GOD and ask him to help you pass. All I mean is, to be religious in you studies. Always remember 15 hours of days with 15-20 breaks is much better than 15 continuous hours 😉

5) Focus – Focus on the things you love, your favourite sports, music, movie etc. Always remember that if you flunk all these will be history ;). So catch up your books and Focus on studies.

6) Take Power Naps – Power naps of 5-10 minutes while studying is a great exercise to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. BUT just remember ONLY 5-10 MINUTES !!

7) Start from the overview – Always know beforehand what and how much your syllabus is and where to focus. While revising always first read the summary parts of the lessons. It will help you build the confidence.

Well following these simple steps, will surely help you achieve great results. So what are you waiting for, just go get your NIKE ( Just Do It ) but don’t forget the ADIDAS ( Impossible is Nothing )

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