Following the Instincts before preparation of examinations

How many times does it happen that you see your favorite question in an examination ? It gives a great sense of joy and boosts the confidence. It just sets the momentum which you need while writing an examination. Isn’t it wonderful ?

Just imagine what would happen if question after question in the exam is just what you prepared for. Sounds like a dream come true.

Well the point which i’m trying to make is about the POSITIVE VIBES which sets in after seeing such questions in question paper. It gives a great amount of CONFIDENCE while writing an examination.

Its all about following one’s one instincts. Many students ask me how to build confidence while preparing for exams. Well the answer is pretty simple. One should start studying from his favorite topics. Once the favorite topics jumps into the picture its all about the mind games.

Generally, while revising before exams students take up the toughest topics first because they are scared of them. However after few hours of giving time in those “so called tough topics” they tend to miss the easy topics which they knew much better. Finally the result is they end up being short of time. They miss those topics which could have helped them score the marks which they desired. This is the PROBLEM which every student faces. However there are few who knew how to crack the CODE. How to score and be tension free. How to Get the Confidence Flowing. Its all about the Technique of following the instincts.

It is a basic student psychology that he/she tends to feel more confident when they feel that they know what they are reading. Its very obvious that what you understand is very easy to grasp. same is the case with your favorite topics. When you read them, you feel like

Wow That’s pretty simple, I know that thing.

This is what gives you a great amount of confidence, which builds momentum to study further and the upcoming topics also tends to look easy. This is a great technique which helps one to create a wonderful study environment.

The Following are the steps which you should follow while preparing for an examination:

1) Follow your Instincts i.e List down the Topics which are you favorites.

2) Get an overview of the Syllabus i.e List down all the Topics.

3) Organize the syllabus into Favorites and Non-Favorites.

4) Start with your Favorite Topics first and few non favorite topics right after it, than again choose a favorite one and then non favorite and so on.

5) Repeat the process and always remember to keep one favorite topic reserved to study at the time of winding up before exams ( It will make you feel that you know everything 😉 )

Still need something more to know folks ?

Well we’ll get back to that later, for now go on and try this awesome technique.

Always remember, there is no shortcut to success, but CONFIDENT PEOPLE have BETTER CHANCES of BEING SUCCESSFUL 😉

So Buckle Up and Wish you Confident Studying. Do share your experience with our community. Let us know how much difference did it make to your way of learning.