How customer feedback can help you grow?

Easy ways to keep your audience hooked.

Customer feedback is important for any business to develop and grow. The five methods that you can use to analyze your customers’ satisfaction with the products and services are as follows:

  1. Field survey: You can collect immediate data by conducting interviews with customers visiting the premises. It will provide you with unscripted and open-ended information that can be used to understand their problems and expectations. You will get more accurate results.
  2. Targeted polling with complimentary rewards: Conduct an online and offline polling to understand customers better. Polling can capture their thoughts and feelings. In return, they can receive complimentary rewards such as free coupons. It will also give a sense that their opinions matter.
  3. In-house review: Employees can provide valuable insight into the needs and wants of the customers. It can influence their choices. An in-house review by the employees can help to identify the non-verbal cues of the customers. In return, provide them with monetary incentives
  4. Social Media mentions: Mentions are a new way of communicating with customers. You can conduct a campaign to expand your customer base. Similarly, a follow-up and polling on social media can provide you with important information about customer behavior and measure their satisfaction. Instagram and Twitter platforms can provide free access. 
  5. Post-visit call feedback: As a leader, you can call all the recent customers to inform about the products and services. It is important to build relationships for customer retention and this verbal conversation will be more effective because it will require active participation. At the end of the call, share your gratitude to make them feel valued.

Are you doing something different to get customer feedbacks? Let us know in the comments.