About my learncrush journey

If you ask me where I want to be or what I want to do in life? I would say I believe in reinventing myself and finding myself every morning. I don’t want to bind myself to a job or a title. I do not want to be a noun but a verb. I believe in eliminating customs while gradually progressing and creating a better society. Writing empowers me, and I want to empower you too! 

On learncrush, you can find random life happenings, learnings, and thoughts. It is a deeper exploration while learning, in articles long or short. You can also find me talking about unrelated topics that became a part of my research when I wanted to know about something. For me, learncrush is a journey where you can crush a topic, write about it, and share it.

A big thank you.

If you are reading my articles, thank you for coming here and investing your time. The purpose of learncrush is to make you fall in love with learning. Explore a little bit on the website, and you’ll understand what I mean. At last, “All along you were living to bloom, but in the midst, you forgot about the sunlight. Look inside, and you will find it bright. Keep it moving until you find the light.”