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Your greatest charm, keep calm (+11 great strategies)

We all have been there.
Fell into the same trap again and again,
Snapped doors and lost our calm.

Whatever is the reason of “this” emotional outburst, we need to remind ourselves that this is not the only way to react.

You know, the most interesting thing about stress is that it is often seen on the negative downside. But some amount of it is actually needed for our brain to take action. Many a times, we have heard and sometimes even experienced it that we grow through adversities.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

A quote from a Disney movie Mulan

Many world philosophies and religions teaches about growing and learning through adversity. Psychologists call this “stress inoculation.” A good amount of it is a key training practice for many high post officials, soldiers, astronauts, cops, athletes, doctors and alike.

If we put ourselves in that shoe, most of us draw strength and confidence from our previous stressful experiences. Yet, not every situation creates a learning experience and affects our brain.

Fortunately, we have great strategies to tackle stress:

  • Appreciate what you have
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Avoid asking “What if?”
  • Label your emotions
  • Distinguish between solvable worries and unsolvable worries
  • Squash all the negative self-talk
  • Breathe
  • Re-frame your perspective
  • Stay positive
  • Disconnect
  • Power nap and sleep

Hey, I am Raksha Rakhecha, aka thinkpuff. People find me talented, pretty, and kind. I am a fashion designer by profession, a graphic designer by passion, and a writer by heart. I enjoy warm stories, nature, and a cup of tea. My driving force is social conscience and humanity. I believe in eliminating the customs while gradually progressing and creating a better society.


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