Thursday, July 30, 2020
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Knowledge: the master key to open all locks

If you want to unlock the lock, you must have the right key. But where to find it is the real question.

However, the answer is known to all, but applied by only a few. Surprised, yes, I was too when I found out.

That key is knowledge, the solution to all our problems. How? Acquiring the knowledge about the ventures ply in, about the people you deal with, about the attitude you exhibit, about the humanity you speak of all makes a lot of difference.

A simple yet power-packed statement, Knowledge is just like an ocean, vast and varied, no one knows what it has in store for you, yet there are immense possibilities, all we need to do is just behold the idea of sharing knowledge.

Spread the knowledge to enrich your knowledge. The open-ended knowledge is the most rewarding one.

A book maybe wonderfully written, it may have the best content but it would be useless if it is never opened, the beauty of its content would be lost.

Similar is the case with a person’s knowledge, we may have the knowledge superior to others in few parameters, but it is worthless if it is not applied and shared.

Sharing of knowledge generates new ideas, it pushes the thought process towards the new limits.

Think with a calm mind, bear the patience to deal with the outcomes and be ready to gather knowledge, excellence will follow you.

So the learncrush for the day is keep spreading the light of knowledge.

Hey, I am Raksha Rakhecha, aka thinkpuff. People find me talented, pretty, and kind. I am a fashion designer by profession, a graphic designer by passion, and a writer by heart. I enjoy warm stories, nature, and a cup of tea. My driving force is social conscience and humanity. I believe in eliminating the customs while gradually progressing and creating a better society.


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