That’s all gadget!

Sometimes I think of the past and smile at the laugh,
Words were magic but today they are gadget,
Stories were classic with their own graphics,
Today, they are sarcastic which are all caustic,
Times were fantastic with no plastics,
Why not to panic and turn dramatic?”

A day without mobile phones are far from our imagination today. The situation is alarming and we are still pretending as if we were not warned. It’s time to halt and take a look at our activities. Aren’t we overusing it‽

The originality is lost somewhere just like hundreds of emoticons. Emoticons can express oneself but the feeling behind it cannot be known. In the same manner, mobile phone is a medium to express but today, they are to impress. The original purpose is lost.

The word has gone beyond the boundaries but that’s not something that we can be proud of. It has taken a child’s playful childhood, a parent’s real talk, a friend’s real conversation and a person’s humility. Going beyond the mobile screen seems a problem but not tapping on the screen digging up the eyes into a miniature gorilla glass.

For a child it has become family member and for a parent it is a space filler. A person sitting next to is still unbeknown but virtually he’s a milestone. Can we ever imagine what is exactly happening?

Can you tell why should not I panic when I see children playing football on their phones and not on the ground. Why should not I turn dramatic when I see people talking on their phones and not around. It has become easy to say everything virtually but what about saying it actually? Aren’t we losing our skills?

Group of friends sitting on a bench looking at their phones loosing communication.

We talk about going beyond what’s defined. But aren’t we ignoring the defined? Efforts are needed to make things right. What’s past cannot be altered BUT present can be saved and future can be secured.

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That’s all gadget!

Sometimes I think of the past and smile at the laugh, Words were magic but...

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