36 tips to use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is often taken as a visual platform but it is more than that. If you are looking for using it for your business then, here are the few tips:

1. Business type:

Set up your business account mentioning your type of business. Pinterest differentiates business accounts from personal accounts.

2. Your website:

Pinterest for business allows you to confirm your website to get pins. By this you can see your logo, profile picture and also have access on web analytics in Pinterest analytics.

3. Set up a purpose:

Before getting started, one should know what the pinners want and how you will achieve it. This can be known by what’s trending, what are pinners talking about or by what they like.

4. Your profile:

Your profile is more than what you post. It represents you. Consider each and every thing about your business.

5. Creating boards:

Create boards according to seasons, products, etc. information. This will help people to discover you.

6. Inspirations:

Instead showing off your product only, show off your inspirations. You can use quotes, images, movies, music, books, etc. This will associate people with you and build an emotional-connect.



7. Get creative:

Pinterest promotes creativity. It is a platform of newness. Be creative with your images and description.

8. Hashtags:

Like other social networks, you can use hashtags here but in pin description only. It is most effective when you use a brand-specific hashtag.

9. Connect to other networks:

Connecting other networks, show your presence in the digital world. This not only help you to gain followers but also boost up your sales.

10. Images:

Images uploaded by you should be of high quality. It will display what you want to express. Name your images strategically so that it includes the keywords which will optimize the search for the audience.

11. Text:

Include texts that are specific and clear. It should be easy to understand. It should include who you are and what you do.

12. Description:

Include a short message or story or how it came into your mind. Show your story-telling skills for better engagement.

13. Vertical ratio image:

The vertical ratio image attracts more than a simple image. Also it looks good on mobile. Thus, it is advisable to use vertical images because it grabs more attention.

14. Engage in conversations:

Interact with people by liking, sharing and commenting. Use their names to address the individuals. Thank them, answer to their questions and build a personal relationship in this way.


15. Pinning:

Pins are ideas and pinning idea is all about collecting, sharing and reposting. You should create pins after knowing what exactly what your customers want by looking around.

16. Get specific:

Let your pins speak for you. Be very specific with your pins. Change it if does not serves your purpose by editing it later on.

17. Keyword-friendly boards:

Use the keywords which makes it easy for people to discover you. Do not use many keywords as it may be considered as spam.

18. Promote on Pinterest:

With the help of Pinterest, you can link your website posts. Enter the link, add the featuring image and there you go.

19. Including Lists:

People want it step-to-step or in points. Use a list to interest your customers. You can also use infographics to do so which is highly effective.

20. Pinterest’s updates:

For businesses, Pinterest keeps on updating. Keep yourself aware of the latest updates and how you can use it effectively for your account.

21. Staying active:

People notices when you post regularly, like, comment and share. This increases the brand image in general.

22. Type of content:

Your content should be informative. You can include all the relevant links, recommend and suggest specific things related to your business.

23. Reflect your values:

Reflect your values by showing your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, wider causes, and your updates. This will keep your followers engaged with you.


24. Rich pins:

Pinterest allows you to rich pin information embed from your website or blog automatically. This means that the information related to the article will be updates automatically. For example, Price, author, product name, description, etc.

25. Posting schedule:

Be regular with your posts and their timing.

26. Update your account:

Keep your account up-to-date. Delete or modify pins that are of less use. This helps to keep yourself organized.

27. Add watermarks:

While using your original content, consider adding your watermark. This watermark acts as a connection between you and pinners.

28. Follow and followings:

Follow the individuals who are interest to you. Build your followings by inviting people to pin and re-pin.

29. Secret boards:

Pinterest allows you to create a secret boards which is for you only. You can add books, images, etc. which are useful to you.

30. Re-pining contest:

You can promote a cause or campaigning by this. Read the does and don’t before creating such type of contest on Pinterest.

31. Messages:

Like any other social networking, you can send messages on Pinterest also. You can encourage people to discuss and share their ideas.

32. Pinning music/ videos:

Pinterest is more than pinning images. You can also pin music and video related to your business.

33. Reading list:

You can include all the how to, dos and don’ts, books, links, etc. related to your business which interests your customers on Pinterest.

34. Gifts themed pins:

Pins call to action encourage a lot of participation. Use this tool to board to support your contest or promotion.

35. Designate boards:

Use specific pins to keep yourself organized. Design and designate board on the basis of cyclical changes.

36. A Call to action:

Include call to action like ‘buy now’, ’let’s get started’, and so on. This encourages your customers to start acting.

 It’s never to late to get started.

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