Thought of the day: Learning new everyday

Oh, shut up! Learning is boring…

At some point of time, we all have heard that learning is a lifelong task. And that, if we start following our passion for the things we love, learning becomes a habit. In contrast, it is tiring, difficult and nut-cracking process.

Learning is a tedious task and most of the people give up in half-way. As a result, people change their mindset over the period of time and because of that either they are left frustrated or guilt-ridden. Also, they are the one who end up saying “Oh, shut up! learning is boring…”

Learning, when you follow it, becomes an addiction. Most importantly, you will see yourself searching for things that you are curious about, something that you love, something that is growing on you.

Some things, you will learn by experience while other things are learned by making yourself aware of it.

One question which arises is how can you make yourself ready to learn? Well, the solution is right here:

1. Set up your learning conditions:
Clear your mind and settle down first. Take help of some music, if you want. For instance, when I want to learn something I like to listen to instrumental music, it keeps me focused. Likewise, you can try different types of genres to find out which sound makes you relaxed.

2. Communicate with yourself:
Learning is a relative thing. When you relate your past experience with the present one, you learn to associate it and remember it in a better way. Furthermore, the more you will enjoy learning, the richer and appropriate associations you will make.

3. Communicate with others:
Engage into discussion, ask question, solve doubts. The more you inquire, the more you will learn. Finally, there is ‘no’ one best method for learning, the method which suits you is best.

4. When in doubt, stop!
Think about, ‘Are you doing things for the sake of it must be done?’ If yes, then stop. You are compromising with your work and learning. First of all, why not try to innovate and make learning fun first?

5.Break the way:
When something becomes just a routine, you tend to devalue it. As a result, you will either hate it or be afraid of it. Just like a child plays with his toys, play with your work. Try to make it fun. Remember, you can always adopt different ways to do the same routine work.

6. Write a Learning log:
A learning log includes important websites, quotes, references, mind maps, etc. Moreover, it is your customized log and you can use it to write down your learning. This will help you to keep track of yourself.

7. Formula QSR3:
“Question, Survey, Read, Review and Recite.” Question things which you want to know. Ask it to yourself and others.. Further, read about it and critically think about it. Lastly, repeat the process until you learn it. And above all, use it as per your applicability.

Challenge yourself to learn things. Gradually, you can make it your habit. These little steps will help you to follow the path of your learning.

You can learn even more about “Brain Plasticity” in this article:

That’s all folks!

“Go, get your learncrush today!”

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