It’s okay not to be okay

We are constantly in an on-off relationship with ourselves. Since the day we are born, we need approval- from society, family, friends, even from people, we do not know. We work so hard for it that we lose ourselves bit by bit. We become terrified of losing people and things. But what about ourselves? Are we daunted by losing ourselves? Are we scared of losing ourselves, unlike everything else?  

Losing someone or something is a daunting thought. It can give you goosebumps and shivers. You will be in denial and struggle to bear this truth. And in the process, you lose yourself. When this happens, there is a need for self-discovery. Every story has a realization factor and when you realize you are losing something that you love, make an effort to hold it tight. But what if that loss involves your ignorant self? It is better to let it go, right? That loss is something that you will appreciate. One part of self-discovery is to unlearn the negativity and let go of the past. If you want to lose something, lose your ignorant self. The idea is simple, “To create a vibe, first, you must light.” 

Cut the leash- there is no place for the hatred for you. Time to change: 

  1. Be oblivious: Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions need a positive turn. It needs more kindness and appreciation. Try to bring that into your life for you.
  2. Ignoring your ignorant self: The problem lies when we forget to make it a priority. We overlook what we have and try to please what we don’t. So, the simple solution is to be aware of the problem and make it a priority. When things are important, you must make time to look into it.
  3. What’s your routine: You lost a part of yourself every day and missed out on so many things in the run for a better future. Sometimes you were just too focused on other things that you ignore the immediate present. So, it is time to reset.

Do you stop hearing the sound of waves after coming back from a vacation?

Do you stop loving nature after plugging a flower from it?

Do you stop dreaming of the universe when you still have a roof on your head?

No, you don’t. 




How can you stop loving, but yourself?

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