Belief gives you power: reality or myth?

Memories are important to us. They give a sense of pleasure and pain. However, some memories have stronger connection than the other. We attach ourselves with the memories in such a way that over a period of time, they lay foundation to our belief system. So, does belief really gives you a power? Let’s find out.

Our thoughts shape our reality and we make all the assumptions about how things must be and how it must work. All these assumptions are nothing else but our belief system which has developed over time.

So, how does belief gives you power? A belief is the core of who you are. It is your expectation and perception of reality. It is your opinion and faith. And it is also your reference and conviction.

Belief not only impacts your choices but also your decisions. How? Well, throughout your day, you ask many questions to yourself; belief not only determines what question you ask but also how you ask them.

Hence, these decisions lay the foundation of who we are: self-concept. So, yes belief gives you power. The expectations, the labels, the emotional connection- each and everything is based on our belief system.

Now, the tricky part is belief can be self-limiting. Often times, instead of believing that we can do something, we choose to believe the latter. This happens because we have experienced a sour and/or painful memory.

Often we make decisions based on our flawed perceptions. We put limitation on ourselves and block our vision consciously or unconsciously. As a result, our decisions miss the essential ingredients and we miss out the desired outcome.

So, the most important question is: How to improve your self-belief?

1. Empower yourself:

Each self-limiting belief is there because you want to protect yourself from the fear or pain. Hence, to replace this limitation, you need to convince yourself that the boundaries that you drew aren’t needed anymore.

Replace the belief with a new empowering belief such as, “I know I can do the impossible.”

2. Prepare yourself:

Limiting beliefs can be measured by emotional intensity attached to the memory. Some beliefs are harder to overcome than the other because of the emotional value. So, to overcome it, we can use strategies like visualization, music, color therapy and so on.

First of all, you need to believe that you can overcome it.

3. Question your boundaries:

We question everything. It’s time that we question what is limiting us. The hardest battle is between you and your belief. Ask yourself, question things, answer the quest and walk on the path of transformation.

“Some of the greatest battles are fought in the chambers of our soul.”

4. Commit:

Give yourself time and attention to do things according to your priority. Because it is the small steps which counts. Once seemed impossible turns into things that are possible. Connect yourself to that commitment and you can do the impossible.

What once thought could never be done is accomplished by you?

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